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    <head />
        <fortune id="bad-python-code">
            <title>Bad Python Code</title>
                    <saying who="rindolf">sussman: for the record, I think the 
                        build system is the ultimate proof that python code 
                        can be as bad as Perl one.</saying>
                    <me_is who="clkao">giggles</me_is>
                    <saying who="jackr">hehe</saying>
                    <saying who="rindolf">hopes he's not starting a flamewar</saying>
                    <saying who="clkao">btw, freebsd svn port maintainer was 
                        complaining about unable to do --with-swig specifying 
                        only perl or pythong bindings to build..</saying>

                    <me_is who="cmpilato">notes that the topic of this channel 
                        is Subversion.</me_is>
                    <saying who="clkao">(so he refused to include the option 
                        for building either bindings in the port!)</saying>
                    <saying who="rindolf">I once saw a perl5 code written in 
                        perl4 style. Now that was hideous.</saying>
                    <saying who="fitz">complicated != bad</saying>
                    <saying who="fitz">"Building is complicated--that's why 
                        build systems are complicated." --kfogel</saying>
                    <tagline>Discussing the Subversion Build System</tagline>