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-<title>Pre-Announcement for the "Welcome to FOSS" Series of TelFOSS</title>
+<title>Announcement: the "Welcome to FOSS" Series of the Tel Aviv Open Source Club</title>
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-In previous years, <a href="">the
-Tel Aviv Open Source Club</a> has conducted the 
-<a href="">"Welcome to Linux" series</a>
-along with other Israeli clubs, towards the beginning of the scholastic year.
-This year the series will be in a different format of 
-<a href="">Welcome to the World of Open Source
-Software</a> (also see 
-<a href="">the wiki
-page</a>). We intend to introduce free and open source software to the users
-in general, and among it many open source programs that can be ran on both
-Linux and Windows, as well as introduce the ideology and philosophy of the
-open-source code and their technological and social advantages.
+<a href="">The Series "Welcome to the World of
+Free and Open Source Software" (W2FOSS)</a> will be conducted this
+year by <a href="">the
+Tel Aviv Open Source Club (TelFOSS or Telux)</a> stating from Sunday,
+8-November-2009. In the first meeting we will introduce several popular,
+comprehensive and high-quality open-source programs which can be installed
+and run both on Linux and Windows, to show that open source is ready for
+the masses, and it is indeed possible to use open-source programs, to
+recommend them to your friends, and maybe even to contribute to them (not
+necessarily source code, of course). Since the purpose of the series is to
+introduce the world of open-source code to people who are not very familiar
+with it, please spread the world and tell about the meeting to those people
+you know who haven't installed Linux yet or is a heavy user and fan of
+open-source proprams (although people like that are also welcome to attend).
-Right now, we're looking for someone to give the demonstration of the
-cool open-source programs, which is the first presentation which will take
-place a few weeks after Sukkoth. <a href="">Ori
-Idan</a> has already volunteered to give the presentation about the
-philosophy of open source software. After these two presentations, we intend
-to give several secondary talks. Among them would be 
-"Free Development Tools for Linux and Windows" (a general overview of them, 
-and not only those that are intended only for C or for Java), as well as 
-"Don't be afraid of the command-line" where we will show how nifty the
-command-line can be. So we're also looking for volunteers to present these 
+In the next meeting which will take place two weeks later 
+(Sunday, 22-November-2009), Ori Idan will talk about what actually are free 
+software and open-source: what are the guiding principles behind free software,
+why is it good, important and helpful for users, but also for developers, and
+also why it doesn't contradict any Capitalistic principles. Moreover, we will
+explain in this meeting on what are actually operating systems, and a few
+things that make Linux special out of being an operating system that is
+managed in an open-source fashion.
-Whoever wants to pitch in and contribute may 
-<a href="">contact Shlomi Fish,
-the coordinator of the series and the club</a> and
-<a href="">subscribe to the
-organisation mailing list</a> (which doesn't have a lot of traffic at 
-the moment).
+After this meeting, we hope to conduct a few Satellite meetings about topics
+such as "Open Source Development Tools", "How to Install and experiment with 
+Linux" and other topics. Everyone are welcome to come and invite other people.
-Be free and Happy Sukkoth.
+The meetings will take start at 18:00 and will take place in the Holcblat
+("הולצבלט" in Hebrew), hall No. 007 in the main corridor of the Exact Sciences
+building in Tel Aviv University. More information can be found in the
+hyper-links above.