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+<title>Pre-Announcement for the "Welcome to FOSS" Series of TelFOSS</title>
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+In previous years, <a href="">the
+Tel Aviv Open Source Club</a> has conducted the 
+<a href="">"Welcome to Linux" series</a>
+along with other Israeli clubs, towards the beginning of the scholastic year.
+This year the series will be in a different format of 
+<a href="">Welcome to the World of Open Source
+Software</a> (also see 
+<a href="">the wiki
+page</a>). We intend to introduce free and open source software to the users
+in general, and among it many open source programs that can be ran on both
+Linux and Windows, as well as introduce the ideologyand philosophy of the
+open-source code and their technological and social advantages.
+Right now, we're looking for someone to give the demonstration of the
+cool open-source programs, which is the first presentation which will take
+place a few weeks after Sukkoth. <a href="">Ori
+Idan</a> has already volunteered to give the presentation about the
+philosophy of open source software. After these two presentations, we intend
+to give several secondary talks among them "Free Development Tools for
+Linux and Windows" (a general overview of them, and not only those that
+are intended only for C or for Java), as well as "Don't be afraid of
+the command-line" where we will show how nifty the command-line can be.
+So we're looking for volunteers to present these talks, as well.
+Whoever wants to pitch in and contribute may 
+<a href="">contact Shlomi Fish,
+the coordinator of the series and the club</a> and
+<a href="">subscribe to the
+organisation mailing list</a> (which doesn't have a lot of traffic at 
+the moment).
+Be free and Happy Sukkoth.