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<title>Announcement: the "Welcome to FOSS" Series of the Tel Aviv Open Source Club</title>
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The series <a href="http://welcome.foss.org.il/2009/">"Welcome to the World of
Free and Open Source Software" (W2FOSS)</a> will be conducted this
year by <a href="http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/telux/">the
Tel Aviv Open Source Club (TelFOSS or Telux)</a> stating from Sunday,
the 8th of November, 2009. In the first meeting we will introduce several 
comprehensive, and high-quality open-source programs which can be installed
and run both on Linux and Windows, to show that open source is ready for
the masses and that it is indeed possible to use open-source programs, to
recommend them to your friends, and maybe even to contribute to them (not
necessarily by actual programming, of course). Since the purpose of the series 
is to introduce the world of open-source code to people who are not very 
with it, please spread the word about the meeting to those people
you know who haven't installed Linux yet, or aren't heavy users or fans of
open-source programs.

In the next meeting, which will take place two weeks later 
(Sunday, the 22nd of November, 2009), Ori Idan will talk about what actually 
are free software and open-source: what are the guiding principles behind free 
software, why is it good, important, and helpful for users (but also for 
developers), and also why it doesn't contradict any Capitalistic principles. 
Moreover, in this meeting, we will explore Linux as a 100% open source
operating system, and some things that its open-source nature enables.

After this meeting, we hope to conduct a few satellite meetings about topics
such as "Open Source Development Tools", "How to Install and experiment with 
Linux" and others. Everyone is welcome to come and invite other people.

The meetings will start at 18:00 and will take place in the Holcblat
("הולצבלט" in Hebrew), hall no. 007 in the main corridor of the Exact Sciences
building in Tel Aviv University. More information can be found in the
hyper-links above.