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<title>Pre-Announcement for the "Welcome to FOSS" Series of TelFOSS</title>
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In previous years, <a href="">the
Tel Aviv Open Source Club</a> has conducted the 
<a href="">"Welcome to Linux" series</a>
along with other Israeli clubs, towards the beginning of the scholastic year.
This year the series will be in a different format of 
<a href="">Welcome to the World of Open Source
Software</a> (also see 
<a href="">the wiki
page</a>). We intend to introduce free and open source software to the users
in general, and among it many open source programs that can be ran on both
Linux and Windows, as well as introduce the ideology and philosophy of the
open-source code and their technological and social advantages.

Right now, we're looking for someone to give the demonstration of the
cool open-source programs, which is the first presentation which will take
place a few weeks after Sukkoth. <a href="">Ori
Idan</a> has already volunteered to give the presentation about the
philosophy of open source software. After these two presentations, we intend
to give several secondary talks. Among them would be 
"Free Development Tools for Linux and Windows" (a general overview of them, 
and not only those that are intended only for C or for Java), as well as 
"Don't be afraid of the command-line" where we will show how nifty the
command-line can be. So we're looking for volunteers to present these 
talks, as well.

Whoever wants to pitch in and contribute may 
<a href="">contact Shlomi Fish,
the coordinator of the series and the club</a> and
<a href="">subscribe to the
organisation mailing list</a> (which doesn't have a lot of traffic at 
the moment).

Be free and Happy Sukkoth.