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Shlomi Fish  committed 8db6989

Changed the makefile to accomodate for the user's guide, and fixed
a few bugs in docs/.

added a headline for the architecture documents.

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          $(D)/docs/Syntax_Description.txt                           \
          $(D)/docs/roadmaps/2001-08-22.txt                          \
          $(D)/docs/roadmaps/2001-09-11.txt                          \
+         $(D)/docs/Users_Guide/index.html                           \
+         $(D)/docs/Users_Guide/markov_chain1.png                    \
          $(D)/download/IP-Noise-C-Arbitrator-0.1.1.tar.gz           \
          $(D)/download/IP-Noise-C-Arbitrator-0.1.2.tar.gz           \
          $(D)/download/IP-Noise-C-Arbitrator-0.1.3.tar.gz           \
-SUBDIRS = $(D)/download $(D)/docs $(D)/docs/roadmaps $(D)/mailing-list
+SUBDIRS = $(D)/download $(D)/docs $(D)/docs/roadmaps $(D)/docs/Users_Guide $(D)/mailing-list
 HTMLS = $(D)/index.html $(D)/berlios.html $(D)/download/index.html $(D)/links.html \
 	$(D)/docs/index.html $(D)/mailing-list/index.html

File site/wml/docs/index.html.wml

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 <a href="IP-Noise-Generator-Mid-Term.doc">Our Mid-Term Report</a>
 (Word 2000 Format)
+<a href="Users_Guide/">The User Guide</a> (Work under progress) -
+HTML format
+<h2>Architecture Documents and Specs</h2>
 <a href="Syntax_Description.txt">A description of the syntax of the