Shlomi Fish avatar Shlomi Fish committed c14932d

Fix to the convert-to-cmake script.

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     print "Found [@subdirs] for $d\n";
-    if ($d =~ m!\Asrc/!)
+    if ($d eq "src")
         $dirs{$d}->{'text'} = <<'EOF'
             if ($d eq '.')
                 $dirs{$d}->{text} .= <<'EOF';
     ADD_EXECUTABLE( "${target}" "test.c")
     set_target_properties( "${target}" PROPERTIES OUTPUT_NAME "test")
     io->file("$d/CMakeLists.txt")->print($dirs{$d}->{text} . "\n");
+io->file("/home/shlomif/progs/freecell/hg/fc-solve/fc-solve/source/Common.cmake") > io->file("./Common.cmake");
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