Shlomi Fish committed bc9afbb

Got rid of calls to the deprecated ereg().

ereg() was deprecated in recent PHPs and gives an error with php-5.3 and

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 // Strip the extension
-if (ereg("^(.*)\..*$", $_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"], $matches))
+if (preg_match("/^(.*)\..*$/", $_SERVER["SCRIPT_FILENAME"], $matches))
 	$noext = $matches[1];
 	$css_inline_filename = $noext . "_style.css";


 function smtp_code($res)
-	if (ereg("^([0-9]+) ", $res, $matches))
+	if (preg_match("/^([0-9]+) /", $res, $matches))
 		return $matches[1];
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