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Added the archive of Hamakor discussions.

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             "reply to messages that contain trolling. This mailing list " . 
             "is dedicated to discussions of activities and advocacy. " .
             "Technical questsions should be directed elsewhere."),
-        'online_archive' => "",
-    },
+        'online_archive' => sub {
+            my $self = shift;
+            my $r = shift;
+            $r->start_para();
+            $r->text("Hamakor Archive: ");
+            $r->url("");
+            $r->text("\n");
+            $r->text(" Archive: ");
+            $r->url("");
+            $r->text("\n");
+            $r->end_para();
+        },
+    },    
         'id' => 'haifa-linux-club-projects',
         'class' => 'ezmlm',
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