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Added the links to the LM-Solve article at

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 RSYNC = rsync --progress --verbose --rsh=ssh 
-ARC_NAME := $(shell cd temp && ./
 DEST_ARC_PAGE = $(TARGET)/source/index.html
 upload_vipe: all
 	(cd dest && $(RSYNC) -r *
-DEST_ARC_NAME = $(TARGET)/source/arcs/$(ARC_NAME)
 $(DEST_ARC_PAGE) :: $(TARGET)/% : src/%.wml template.wml .PHONY
-	(cd src && wml $(WML_FLAGS) -DARCNAME=$(ARC_NAME) -DFILENAME=$(patsubst src/%.wml,%,$<) $(patsubst src/%,%,$<)) > $@
-	(cd temp && ./
-	mv temp/$(ARC_NAME) $@
-upload_arc: arc
+	(cd src && wml $(WML_FLAGS) -DFILENAME=$(patsubst src/%.wml,%,$<) $(patsubst src/%,%,$<)) > $@
 devel-layouts: unchanged
 	cd temp && bash ./ && mv -f LM-Solve-Layouts-`cat devel-layouts-ver.txt`.tar.gz ../dest


 <file:on:cpan "Games-LMSolve-0.8.1.tar.gz" /> - <b>executable and 


+<a href="">An article about 
+LM-Solve</a> was published in <a href=""></a>.
+This article covers extending LM-Solve to solve a new kind of puzzle.


 applets for constructing and solving Alice Mazes and Minotaur Mazes.<br />
+<a href="">Solving
+Puzzles with LM-Solve</a> - how to extend LM-Solve to solve a new puzzle.
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