Shlomi Fish committed 2b768f5

Add more docstrings and made a method private.

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             idx += 1
-    def calc_params_obj(self):
+    def _calc_params_obj(self):
+        '''
+        Calculate the Params object that should be passed to the lp_solve module.
+        This fills in the parameters of the equations needed to solve the puzzle.
+        '''
         width = self.width
         height = self.height
         num_known_vert_constraints = self.num_known_vert_constraints
         return ret
     def solve(self):
+        '''
+        This method attempts to solve the game after self.width , self.height , 
+        self.num_known_horiz_constraints , self.num_known_vert_constraints ,
+        self.horiz_constraints and self.vert_constraints were filled in.
-        lp_solve_params = self.calc_params_obj()
+        It returns a two-dimensional array containing the rows of the boolean 
+        values with the solution.
+        '''
+        lp_solve_params = self._calc_params_obj()
         lp_solve_ret = lp_solve(
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