lp_solve / lp_simplex.h

#ifndef HEADER_lp_simplex
#define HEADER_lp_simplex

#include "lp_types.h"

#define ForceDualSimplexInBB               /* Force use/switch of dual simplex in B&B */
#define AssumeHighAccuracyInBB    /* No iteration of simplex solves at infeasibility */
/*#define UseLongStepPruning*/
/*#define UseLongStepDualPhase1*/
#define primal_UseRejectionList
#define dual_UseRejectionList
#define dual_RemoveBasicFixedVars
/*#define dual_Phase1PriceEqualities */   /* Force elimination of equality slacks */
#define AcceptMarginalAccuracy

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/* Put function headers here */
STATIC int primloop(lprec *lp, MYBOOL primalfeasible, REAL primaloffset);
STATIC int dualloop(lprec *lp, MYBOOL dualfeasible, int dualinfeasibles[], REAL dualoffset);
STATIC int spx_run(lprec *lp, MYBOOL validInvB);
STATIC int spx_solve(lprec *lp);
STATIC int lag_solve(lprec *lp, REAL start_bound, int num_iter);
STATIC int heuristics(lprec *lp, int mode);
STATIC int lin_solve(lprec *lp);

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif /* HEADER_lp_simplex */
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