lurking / lurking-lisp-library / lurking.lisp

(defmacro op2assign (op)
    (let ((op= (intern (concatenate 'string (string op) "="))))
        `(defmacro ,op= (var . values)
            `(setf ,var (,',op ,var ,@values)))))

(op2assign +)
(op2assign -)
(op2assign *)

;;;(defmacro -= (x y)
;;;  `(incf ,x (- ,y)))
;;;(defmacro *= (x y)
;;;  `(setf ,x (* ,x ,y)))

(defun ~ (&rest lst)
  (apply 'concatenate 'string lst))

(op2assign ~)

;;; Taken from
;;; Thanks!
(defmacro while (expression &body body)
     start (if (not ,expression) (go end))
           (go start)

;;; (with (var1 value1 var2 value2 var3 value3 ...) macro inspired by Arc.
(defmacro with (vars &body body)
  ;; Convert a flat list to a list of two element lists.
  (defun withify (lst)
    (if (null lst)
      (cons (list (car lst) (cadr lst)) (withify (cddr lst)))))
  `(let* ,(withify vars) ,@body))
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