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Prepare the distribution for the v0.0.1 release.

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 * Make sure that upon receiving a Ctrl+C signal, the program will write
 a continuation spec to a file, which will allow it to resume.
+* Make sure one can specify more than one URL to download (and assign
+finished segments to the new URLs).
+* Implement FTP URLs.


 -bundle = @Basic
 -remove = MakeMaker
+dir = bin
 mb_class = Test::Run::Builder
 testing_command = runtest


+=encoding utf8
 =head1 NAME
 App::ManiacDownloader - a maniac download accelerator.
+=head1 SYNOPSIS
+    # To download with 10 segments
+    $ mdown -k=10
+This is B<Maniac Downloader>, a maniac download accelerator. It is currently
+very incomplete (see the C<TODO.txt> file), but is still somewhat usable.
+Maniac Downloader is being written out of necessity out of proving to
+improve the download speed of files here (which I suspect is caused by a
+misconfiguration of my ISP's networking), and as a result, may prove of
+use elsewhere.
+=head2 The Secret Sauce
+The main improvement of Maniac Downloader over other downloader managers is
+that if a segment of the downloaded file finishes, then it splits the
+largest remaining segment, and starts another new download, so the slowest
+downloads won't delay the completion time by much.
 =head1 METHODS
 =head2 $self->run({argv => [@ARGV]})
 Run the application with @ARGV .
+=head1 SEE ALSO
+=head2 Asynchronous Programming FTW! 2 (with AnyEvent)
+a talk by Sawyer X that introduced me to L<AnyEvent> of which I made use
+for Maniac Downloader.
+=head2 “Man Down”
+“Man Down” is a song by Rihanna, which happens to have the same initialism
+as Maniac Downloader, and which I happen to like, so feel free to check it