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Add an option for a start module

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 use IO::All;
 use FindBin;
 use List::Util qw(first);
+use Getopt::Long;
+my $start_re;
+    'start=s' => \$start_re,
+) or die "Wrong options";
 # Seed for the random number.
 local $ENV{'MIKMOD_SRAND_CONSTANT'} = "2400";
 my ($driver_id) = $line =~ /$re/;
-foreach my $mod (@module_files)
+foreach my $mod (grep { (defined($start_re) ? /$start_re/ : 1) .. 1 } @module_files)
     my $get_mod = sub { $mods_dir->catfile($mod); };
     my $mod_in_dir = $get_mod->();
                 if ($sum_fn->slurp() ne $checksum)
-                    die "Differening checksums on $mod";
+                    die "Different checksums on $mod";
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