Shlomi Fish committed 3b91b10

Fix a CLANG warning.

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 		q->speed      = (mh->sample[t].c2spd * 8363) / 8448;
 		q->volume     = mh->sample[t].volume;
 		q->length     = mh->sample[t].length;
+#if 0
 		if (/*(!mh->sample[t].volume)||*/(q->length==1)) q->length=0;
+		if (q->length==1) {
+			q->length=0;
+		}
 		q->loopstart  = mh->sample[t].loopbeg;
 		q->loopend    = mh->sample[t].loopend;
 		q->seekpos    = MikMod_ISA;
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