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Start writing a document with Nurikabe strategies.

These are strategies that help me as a human solver of Nurikabe, and may
help in writing solvers.

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+# vim:ft=txt
+#. Proximity analysis - some cells can be eliminated because they are not
+reachable (also consider that white cells of certain islands interfere
+with the extent of different islands).
+#. A straight row or column of black cells can be tested for black cells in
+its middle which will place two white cells and so one can conclude that
+they are white.
+#. If you have something like:
+   |[B][G][B]
+   |[G][G][B]
+   -----------------
+Then it is evident that the upper [G] (Gray/Unknown) has to be white, or else
+the lower [G]s will also all be black.
+#. Cells between two islands (either diagonally or in a one-cell spacing) must
+be black, or else the two islands will be joined.
+#. Filling-style strategy: if past a certain geometery (that is within the
+limits of its number), an island can only expand into one cell, then that
+cell will be white.
+#. If an Island reaches certain points that reaching them consumes all of its
+number, then its white edge points can be marked with black in the opposite
+direction to its extent.
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