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Renamed a variable.

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                 my %adjacent_unknowns;
-                my $this_black_region_cells_count = 0;
+                my $cells_count = 0;
                 # TODO : abstract all BrFS searches into a common code.
-                    $this_black_region_cells_count++;
+                    $cells_count++;
                 # Make sure we don't expand a black region that contains
                 # all known black cells in the board, because these cells
                 # may well as be white.
-                if (($this_black_region_cells_count < 
-                    $self->_found_totals->{$NK_BLACK})
-                        && (@k == 1)
+                if (
+                    ($cells_count < $self->_found_totals->{$NK_BLACK})
+                        && 
+                    (@k == 1)
                     # Bingo - this black region only has one cell to expand to.
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