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Create _new_coords and convert to it.

This wraps the Games::Nurikabe::Solver::Coords constructor.

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     return $self;
+sub _new_coords
+    my ($self, $yx) = @_;
+    return Games::Nurikabe::Solver::Coords->new($yx);
 =head2 my $offset_coords = $self->add_offset($coords, $offset)
 Returns the offset coords based on $coords (an [Y,X] coordinates
     my ($self, $coords, $offset) = @_;
-    return Games::Nurikabe::Solver::Coords->new(
+    return $self->_new_coords(
             y => $coords->y + $offset->[0], 
             x => $coords->x + $offset->[1],
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