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#. Proximity analysis - some cells can be eliminated because they are not
reachable (also consider that white cells of certain islands interfere
with the extent of different islands).

#. A straight row or column of black cells can be tested for black cells in
its middle which will place two white cells and so one can conclude that
they are white.

#. If you have something like:


Then it is evident that the upper [G] (Gray/Unknown) has to be white, or else
the lower [G]s will also all be black.

#. Cells between two islands (either diagonally or in a one-cell spacing) must
be black, or else the two islands will be joined.

#. Filling-style strategy: if past a certain geometery (that is within the
limits of its number), an island can only expand into one cell, then that
cell will be white.

#. If an Island reaches certain points that reaching them consumes all of its
number, then its white edge points can be marked with black in the opposite
direction to its extent.

#. One cannot have a loop or a path of white cells (including diagonal ones)
from one edge of the board to the other, which contains black cells inside,
because this will prevent the black cells from being contiguous.
    - Alternative phrasing: a polymino of black cells that can only expand into
    a single grey cell will expand there.