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 <h1>Open Letter to Mr. Larry Ellison Regarding Oracle Corp.'s Treatment of its Free and Open Source Software Assets</h1>
+Dear Mr. Ellison,
+First of all, I'd like to thank you for the tremendous past and present
+contribution that Oracle Corporation has done for the world of Free and Open
+Source Software. The Open Source world would be far poorer without such
+important open-source contributions such as OpenOffice.org, Java,
+Berkeley DB and InnoDB, OpenSolaris, MySQL, many other lesser known projects,
+and the many contributions of Oracle (and in the past Sun Microsystems Inc. or 
+one of the other companies with which Oracle has merged), to global and
+successful open-source projects. I'm also in great admiration of your success
+as a businessman and entrepreneuer in making Oracle Corp. into what it is
+today, which obviously involved a lot of wisdom, capability, courage, 
+determination, and vision, and which is indicative of a personality
+of high merits.
+The purpose of this E-mail is to make a few concrete suggestions that will
+benefit both Oracle Corp., its software and hardware business, and the 
+global community of users and customers of hardware and software. (As a
+practical man, I prefer easy to implement, concrete suggestions, rather than 
+advocating global "policy" or "attitude" massive changes that can never be
+fully materialised.)