Shlomi Fish committed 6089e77

Add more examples in the SYNOPSIS section.

Thanks to mst ( ) for guiding me through
using this module, and asking me to add the documentation for making it more
"shlomif-proof", and so more idiot-proof in general (for some bar of idiots).

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 	use MooX::late;
 	has bar => (is => 'ro', isa => 'Str');
+or, for MooX::Role:
+    package MyRole;
+    use MooX::Role qw(late);
+or, inside L<Package::Variant>:
+    use Package::Variant
+        importing => ['MooX::Role' => ['late'],],
+        subs => [ qw(has with) ];
 L<Moo> is a light-weight object oriented programming framework which aims