Toby Inkster committed 677f68d

bump version; update changelog; add repo link

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 	$MooX::late::AUTHORITY = 'cpan:TOBYINK';
-	$MooX::late::VERSION   = '0.002';
+	$MooX::late::VERSION   = '0.003';
 sub import


 	changeset [
 		item "use re 'eval' on Perl 5.8 to fix regexp compilation problem"^^Bugfix;
+`MooX-late 0.003 cpan:TOBYINK`
+	issued  2012-12-02;
+	changeset [
+		item "Inflation of type constraints to Moose."^^Addition;
+		item "Use MooX::Types::MooseLike::Base for type checks."^^Change;
+		item "General refactoring of type constraint code."^^Change;
+	].
 	:homepage             <>;
 	:download-page        <>;
 	:bug-database         <>;
+	:repository           [ a :HgRepository; :browse <> ];
 	:created              2012-11-30;
 	:license              <>;
 	:maintainer           cpan:TOBYINK;
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