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* Add a page about file/directory-handling :
    - Will share a lot of content with the Sys Admin page.
    - Refer to perldoc -f open and perldoc perlopentut.
    - Other CPAN modules.
        - File::Spec
        - File::Basename
        - File::Find
            - File::Find::Object
        - IO::All
        - File::Slurp
    - TODO: inotify/etc.
    - TODO: Add cookbook:
        - reading files.
        - copying files.
        - appending to files.
        - appending selected portion from a file to another file.
        - deleting a directory tree.
        - writing to a file.
        - show all with IO::All and without it.

* Add to '/bad-elements/':
    - Using one variable for two different things
        - assignment to a different value in the middle of the subroutine.
    - Recursively iterating over directories and sub-directories instead of
    using File::Find, F::F::O, File::Next, etc.
    - Using File::Find and friends for listing the entries of a single
    directory (non-recursively).

* #perl FAQ:
    - references.
        - What's the difference between an array reference and an array?
        - Same for hash.
        - "I've tried doing $my_array_ref[3] but it didn't work."

* Add a page about training providers:
    - - Perl Training Israel.
    - - Perl Training Australia.

* Perhaps a page about working with network protocols in general.

* Add a tutorial on how to create CPAN distributions.
    - an up-to-date one is really needed.

* Add some screenshots to the /uses/games page.

* Add more information about:
    - URI parsing.
    - Filenames and paths parsing.

* Pick up a better gvim colour scheme for the example code in the
perl-for-newbies lecture.

* Syntax-highlight the examples in the other code excerpts in the site
(especially the src/tutorials/bad-elements/ ).

* Add .

* Further work on src/uses/chat-scripting/index.html.wml .
    - Maybe trim the introduction.
        - remove the what is IRC? stuff almost completely and just say
        "Perl has good support".
            - we can assume people will know what it is, and if not
            there's the link.
    - Add Jabber/XMPP.
    - Add the other frameworks:
        - <perlbot> rindolf: Don't parse IRC with regex! See
          POE::Component::IRC, Bot::BasicBot. Avoid Net::IRC. See also
 or Net::Async::IRC or AnyEvent::IRC .
        - Not sure it's a good idea.

* Maybe a page on «What's next "after" perl?».

* Page about Perl Humour.
    - .

* Books:
    - - Perl Pocket Reference.
    - - Programming Perl, 4th ed.
    - - Learning Perl, 6th ed.
        - All covering perl-5.14.x.
    - Peteris Krumins' Perl One-Liners Explained Book
        - TBD: which pages would be the best for it.

* Mention Strawberry Perl and DWIM Perl on the MS Windows Page.

* "So benchmark your code, see how well it performs and then continue
reading this page if it is indeed too slow." - missing comma.

* Update the copy of Modern Perl to the latest edition.

Long Term: