perl-begin /

shl...@13c2ddb8-… b4cdae9 

shl...@13c2ddb8-… 6842c8c 
shl...@13c2ddb8-… b4cdae9 

shl...@13c2ddb8-… 6842c8c 

shl...@13c2ddb8-… b4cdae9 

use strict;
use warnings;

use HTML::Latemp::GenMakeHelpers;
use File::Find::Object::Rule;

my $generator = 
        'hosts' =>
                'id' => "common",
                'source_dir' => "common",
                'dest_dir' => "\$(TARGET)",
                'id' => "berlios",
                'source_dir' => "src",
                'dest_dir' => "\$(TARGET)",

    open my $out_fh, ">", "p4n.mak";

    my @targets;
    foreach my $part_idx (1 .. 4)
         # find all the .pm files in @INC
         my @files = 
                        ->exec(sub { 
                                $_[0] ne "index\.html" 
        foreach my $f (@files)
            my $target = $f;

            # print $f, "\n";
            $target =~ s{\Alib/}{};
            $target =~ s{/lect(\d+)-all-in-one/}{/part$1/};
            $target = "\$(BERLIOS_DEST)/$target";

            push @targets, $target;

            print {$out_fh} "$target: $f\n\tmkdir -p `dirname \$\@`\n\tcp -f \$< \$\@\n\n";

    my $makefile_var_name = "DEST_TUTORIALS_PERL_FOR_NEWBIES_TARGETS";

    print {$out_fh} "$makefile_var_name = " . join(" ", @targets) . "\n\n";

    print {$out_fh} "perl_for_newbies_extra_data: \$($makefile_var_name)\n\n";

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