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 <h2><a href="$(ROOT)/news/">News</a></h2>
-04-Nov-05: <a href="$(ROOT)/news/#news_04_Nov_2005"></a>
+07-Jul-06: <a href="$(ROOT)/news/#news_07_Jul_2006">Wiki moved to</a>.
-06-Jun-05: <a href="$(ROOT)/news/#news_06_Jun_2005">Wiki Restored</a>
-29-Feb-04: <a href="$(ROOT)/news/#news_29_Feb_2004">New Wiki</a>
+04-Nov-05: <a href="$(ROOT)/news/#news_04_Nov_2005"></a>
 <a href="$(ROOT)/news/">More news...</a>

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 <latemp_subject "Perl Beginners' Site - News" />
+<h2 id="news_07_Jul_2006">07-July-2006: The wiki is now part of <a href=""></a></h2>
+The contents of our wiki were integrated into the 
+<a href=""> MediaWiki</a> as 
+<a href="">its "New to Perl?" section</a>.
+This was done to consolidate the Perl wiki'ing efforts, because there's much
+more action on than there was on our wiki, and for ease of 
+maintenace. Our wiki will be removed soon.
+Also of note is <a href="$(ROOT)/wikis/">a new section of the site on
+Perl-related wikis</a>.
 <h2 id="news_04_Nov_2005">04-November-2005:</h2>