Shlomi Fish committed 1896864

Add self-links-to-headers properly.

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 run_compass: src/style.css src/jqui-override.css
-src/style.css: config.rb lib/sass/style.sass lib/sass/print.sass lib/sass/vim_syntax_highlighting.sass
+src/style.css: config.rb lib/sass/style.sass lib/sass/print.sass lib/sass/vim_syntax_highlighting.sass lib/sass/self_link.sass
 	compass compile
 src/jqui-override.css: lib/sass/jqui-override.sass


    my($tag, $num) = @_;
    $inside{$tag} += $num;
-   print " ";  # not for all tags


+    .selfl
+        display: none
+    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
+        &:hover
+            .selfl
+                display: inline
+                a
+                    margin-left: 0.5em
+                    text-decoration: none
+                    color: black


         padding-bottom: 1em
 @import "vim_syntax_highlighting"
+@import "self_link"
 /* From :
     var myclass = "self_link";
     if (! $("body").hasClass(myclass))
-        $("h1[id],h2[id],h3[id],h4[id],h5[id],h6[id]").each(function(i){ $(this).append( ' <span class="selfl">[<a href="#' + + '">link</a>]</span>' ) })
+        $("h1[id],h2[id],h3[id],h4[id],h5[id],h6[id]").each(function(i){ $(this).append( '<span class="selfl"> <a href="#' + + '" title="Get an anchor to this part of the page">¶</a></span>' ) })
+$(function() {
+    add_self_links();
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