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Fixed the link to Perl for Newbies.

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File src/news/index.html.wml</a>. It collects tutorials, howto documents, and frequently
 asked questions (FAQ) lists. I was referred to its developers by a mutual
 friend, and since then became heavily involved in its development. (E.g.: some of the material from
-my <a href="">Perl 
+my <a href="">Perl 
 for Perl Newbies</a> series, was integrated there. )
 </p> tries to be as up-to-date as possible and is certainly worth 
 checking out. On a different note, I'd like to mention that I went over the
 material in the 
-<a href="">Perl 
+<a href="">Perl 
 for Perl Newbies</a> series and heavily updated and corrected it. It should
 be much better now.

File src/tutorials/index.html.wml

-<h3><a href="">Haifux'
+<h3><a href="">Haifux'
 Perl for Perl Newbies Series</a></h3>