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Add the Perl Training page.

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             text => "Article Collections",
+            url => "trainining/",
+            text => "Training",
+            title => "Take paid courses for learning Perl",
+        },
+        {
             url => "FAQs/",
             text => "FAQs",
             title => "Lists of Frequently Asked Questions with Answers",

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 Collections of short, in-depth articles.
+<dt id="training">
+<a href="$(ROOT)/training/">Training</a>
+Take courses for learning Perl.
 <dt id="exercises">
 <a href="$(ROOT)/exercises">Exercises and Challenges</a>

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+#include '../template.wml'
+<latemp_subject "Perl Training Providers" />
+<h2>Perl Training</h2>
+If you are not very auto-didactic, you may wish to take some courses at
+a Perl training provider.
+<h2 id="perltraining.org"><a href="http://perltraining.org/">The Perl 
+Training Directory</a></h2>
+A comprehensive directory of training providers, maintained by
+<a href="http://www.szabgab.com/">Gabor Szabo</a>.