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Add the bad elements threads coverage.

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+<item id="threads" h="Using threads in Perl">
+Some beginners, when thinking they need to multitask their programs start
+thinking they should use perl threads. However, as mentioned in 
+<pdoc d="perlthrtut">perlthrtut</pdoc>, perl threads are very much unlike
+the traditional thread modules, share nothing by default and are in fact
+heavyweight processes (instead of the usual lightweight ones). See also
+<a href="">Elizabeth Mattijsen
+writeup about perl's ithreads on perlmonks</a>.
+To sum up, usually threads are the wrong answer and you should be using
+forking processes or something like POE (see our 
+<a href="$(ROOT)/uses/multitasking/">page about multitasking</a>) instead.
 #include "bad-elements-sources.wml"