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File src/topics/object-oriented/index.html.wml

 <a href=""><b>Moo</b></a> is an object system
 for Perl, which provides a large subset of Moose’s functionality, but with
 a considerably reduced initial process loading time (which has been a frequent
-complaint about Moose). Best of all, it is fully compatible with Moose, and
+complaint about Moose), and is dependent only on pure-Perl modules (making
+it capable of being handled by <cpan_self_dist d="App-Fatpacker" />).
+Best of all, it is fully compatible with Moose, and
 one can safely mix Moose code and Moo code. If you’re interested in
 Moo also look at <a href="">MooX::late</a>
 which is a Moo extension that makes Moo more Moose-like.

File src/topics/regular-expressions/index.html.wml

 Regular expressions (also known as "regexes", "regexps" and "re's") allow
-the Perl programmer to easily locate simple or complex patterns in text, and
+the Perl programmer to easily locate simple or somewhat more complex patterns
+inside a larger text, and
 process the text accordingly. Many beginners are intimidated by regular
 expressions, but they are well-worth to invest the time to learn and understand
 because processing text character-by-character would be slower, take more
 code and would not be idiomatic.
+<h3 id="misusing_regexes">Misusing Regexes</h3>
+Yet another issue is that some programmers tend to misuse regular expressions
+(including only one at a time) in order to do tasks for which they are not
+very suitable for. See <a href="$(ROOT)/uses/text-parsing/">our page
+about parsing text</a> for some better alternatives.
 <h2 id="tutorials">Tutorials</h2>
 <h3 id="perlretut"><pdoc d="perlretut"></pdoc></h3>