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Added the news in the box.

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File src/index.html.wml

 Perl as their first language.
-<h2><a href="$(ROOT)/news/">News</a></h2>
+<div class="sidebarbox-border bg-yellow03">
+<div class="sidebarbox-title-shading bg-yellow07"><a href="$(ROOT)/news/">News</a></div>
-07-Jul-06: <a href="$(ROOT)/news/#news_07_Jul_2006">Wiki moved to 
+07-Jul-06: <a href="$(ROOT)/news/#news_07_Jul_2006">Wiki moved to</a>.
 <a href="$(ROOT)/news/">More news...</a>
 <h2>What is Perl?</h2>

File template.wml

           <li><a href="#"><img class="img-flag" src="./img/flag_france.gif" title ="Website en Francais" alt=""/></a></li>
           <li><a href="#"><img class="img-flag" src="./img/flag_germany.gif" title ="Website auf Deutsch" alt=""/></a></li>
+<define-tag perl_begin_news endtag="required" whitespace="delete">
   <div id="page-container">
     <h3 class="hide">Sidebar</h3>    
     <div class="sidebar sidebar-font">
-      <div class="sidebarbox-border bg-yellow03">
-        <div class="sidebarbox-title-shading bg-yellow07">News and Links</div>
-        <p>Use this column for news, events, links, ad banners, or other things.</p>              
-        <p><a href="#">Link A</a></p>
-        <p><a href="#">Link B</a></p>    
-      </div>                        
+      {#PERL_BEGIN_NEWS#}
       <div class="sidebarbox-border bg-blue02">
         <div class="sidebarbox-title-shading bg-blue05 txt-white">Check out options!</div>