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 <h2><a href="$(ROOT)/news/">News</a></h2>
+06-Jun-05: <a href="$(ROOT)/news/#new_06_Jun_2005">Wiki Restored</a>
 29-Feb-04: <a href="$(ROOT)/news/#news_29_Feb_2004">New Wiki</a>

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 <latemp_subject "Perl Beginners' Site - News" />
+<h2><a name="news_06_Jun_2005">06-June-2005: Wiki Restored</a></h2>
+The <a href="<wiki:link />">Wiki</a> was heavily spammed and so was taken
+off. Now, a new wiki was set up with a better implementation - 
+<a href="http://wikipedia.sourceforge.net/">MediaWiki</a>, and now we monitor
+the RSS feed and use other measurements to prevent Spam.
+All the content of the old wiki was restored.
 <h2><a name="news_29_Feb_2004">29-February-2004: New Wiki</a></h2>