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Revamped the web-forums page.

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 * Add the other books sections in separate pages.
-* In web-forums/ s/In English/It's in English/.
 * In links/ say something about Yahoo's Perl Category.
 * Fix the site-resources/ Web Forum detail.


 <h2><a href="">Perl Monks</a></h2>
-The premiere web forum for Perl people. In English, and offers
+The premiere web forum for Perl people. It's in English, and offers
 many interesting categories. Complete archive of all past discussions
 is available.
-<h2><a href="">Perl for Newbies Messageboard</a></h2>
 <h2>Localized Forums</h2>
 <h3><a href="">Whatsup's Hebrew Perl Forum</a></h3>
 A forum in Hebrew hosted on the <a href=""> Israeli Linux Portal</a>.
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