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Add duplicate code

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         - pass items from one subroutine to another.
             - use objects.
             - assign them to slots.
+    - duplicate code.
 * Add to the page about best practices:
     - refactoring:
-        - duplicate code.
         - long functions and methods.
 * Link to Fomberg's Hebrew with Perl site.

File src/tutorials/bad-elements/index.html.wml

+<item id="duplicate_code" h="Duplicate Code">
+As noted in 
+<a href="">Martin 
+Fowler's "Refactoring"</a> book (but held as a fact for a long time
+<a href="">duplicate code</a> is a 
+code smell, and should be avoided. The solution is to extract duplicate
+functionality into subroutines, methods and classes.