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1. Made Wrox and Apress as publishing houses.

2. Revamped the books page a bit
2a. Changed the descprition of the Llama Book.
2b. Modified the publisher of Beginning Perl to wrox instead of "Wrox

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 <ifeq "%0" "oreilly" "<a href="http://www.oreilly.com/">O'Reilly and Associates</a>" />
 <ifeq "%0" "manning" "<a href="http://www.manning.com/">Manning Publications Co.</a>" />
 <ifeq "%0" "new-riders" "<a href="http://www.newrider.com/">New Riders</a>" />
+<ifeq "%0" "wrox" "<a href="http://www.wrox.com/">Wrox Press Inc.</a>" />
+<ifeq "%0" "apress" "<a href="http://www.apress.com/">Apress</a>" />
 <define-tag book:store>

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 Also referred to as "the Llama Book". Considered
 one of the best books for people who are absolute beginners in Perl and even
-in programming in general.
+in programming in general. This book however, does not cover references, 
+modules, and objects and other important features of the Perl language. As 
+such, you'll usually need to complement your learning by using another
     authors="Simon Cozens"
-    publisher="Wrox Press Inc."
+    publisher="wrox"