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     - Bad elements page:
-        - Packaging as a CPAN distribution.
         - Unrelated packages (e.g: OtherModule) inside MyModule.
             - Preferably every package should be inside one module (except for
             private ones).
       * Slows down the captures.
       * use English without -no_match vars.
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+    - Bad elems: Packaging as a CPAN distribution.
+        @ DONE [Tue 2013-05-28]
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File src/tutorials/bad-elements/perl-elements-to-avoid.xml-grammar-vered.xml

+<item xml:id="not_packaging_as_CPAN_like_distros">
+<title>Not Packaging as CPAN-like Distributions</title>
+It is a very good idea for Perl code that you develop for in-house use,
+and place inside <code>.pm</code> module files to be packaged as a set of
+CPAN-like distributions using the standard structure of
+<code>lib/</code>, <code>Makefile.PL</code> or <code>Build.PL</code>,
+<code>t/</code> etc. This will facilitate installing it, managing it, and
+testing it. If your code is just lying around the hard disk, it is much
+harder to deploy.
+For more information see our <a xlink:href="$(ROOT)/topics/cpan/">page
+about CPAN</a>.
 <section xml:id="sources_of_advice">