Shlomi Fish committed 6d5f6c2

Add support for class="sub_section".

A sub-section for the page.

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File lib/sass/style.sass

     :margin-top 2em
+    :margin-left 3em
+    +indent
+    padding-left: 1.5em
+    border-left: black solid 3pt
+    padding-top: 0.3em
+    padding-bottom: 0.3em
+    // border-radius: 5pt
+    &:hover
+        border-left-color: #555555
 @import "vim_syntax_highlighting"

File src/uses/xml/index.html.wml

 with the DOM and the XML-LibXML API before using this library.
+<div class="sub_section">
 <h3 id="xpath">XPath</h3>
 <h2 id="web-pages">Web Pages about Perl and XML</h2>
 <h3 id="perl-xml-project"><a href="">The Perl XML Project