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 * Link to Vomberg's Hebrew with Perl site.
-* Change the Wiki URL.
 * Add a news section.
 Long Term:


 Perl as their first language.
+<h2><a href="$(ROOT)/news/">News</a></h2>
+29-Feb-04: <a href="$(ROOT)/news/#news_29_Feb_2004">New Wiki</a>
+<a href="$(ROOT)/news/">More news...</a>
 <h2>What is Perl?</h2>


+#include '../template.wml'
+<subject "Perl Beginners' Site - News" />
+<h2><a name="news_29_Feb_2004">29-February-2004: New Wiki</a></h2>
+We now have <a href="<wiki:link />">a new Wiki with a better 
+implementation</a>. The previous wiki was dumped because it was a Java Script
+hell and was quite lame in its conventions. The newer wiki implementation 
+(<a href="">PmWiki</a> to be exact)
+is much better in this and other regards.
+All the content from the old wiki was transferred to the new one. We hope
+you'd like it better.
     padding-top : 0.3em;
 tt { color : #8A2BE2 /* The BlueViolet Color */ }
+    /* LightYellow */
+    background-color : #FFFFE0;
+    float : right;
+    width : 20%;
+    margin-left : 0.5em;
+    margin-bottom : 1em;
+    border-color : black;
+    border-width : thick;
+    border-style : double;
 <li><navbarlink "" "Home" /></li>
 <li><navbarlink "about.html" "About" /></li>
+<li><navbarlink "news/" "News" 
+    title="News about new things in this site" /></li>
 <li><navbarlink "tutorials/" "Online Tutorials" />
 <if "<navbar:menu:is:tutorials />" "<br /><navbar:menu:tutorials />" />
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