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Updated the description of XChat in the IRC page.

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 * Add a news section.
-* Add URLs to the IRC channels - thanks to Kenneth Porter.
 * Add MAG-Net ( to the IRC page.
-* Revamp the X-Chat documentation to say it can run on Windows and point
-to the Windows client.
+* Make the networks description in the IRC page to be clearer.
 Long Term:

File src/irc/index.html.wml

 <a href="">Chatzilla</a> 
 (which is part of <a href="">the Mozilla project</a>), 
 the Windows-based <a href="">mIRC</a> and 
-<a href="">XChat</a>, an IRC client for all UNIX 
-systems including Linux and Mac OS X. By downloading either one, you can log 
-in to an IRC network and start chatting. 
+<a href="">XChat</a>, a cross-platform IRC client for all 
+UNIX  systems including Linux and Mac OS X, and with a 
+<a href="">port for Windows</a>. By 
+downloading one, you can log in to an IRC network and start chatting.