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More progress.

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 <restore id h />
+<define-tag pre endtag="required">
+<code_blk* syntax="perl">
+<define-tag bad_code endtag="required">
+<bad_code* syntax="perl"*>
 <item id="no-indentation" h="No Indentation">


     <define name="section">
         <element name="vrd:section">
-            <ref name="section_contents" />
+            <ref name="global_attrs" />
+            <ref name="info" />
+            <ref name="several_paras" />
+            <zeroOrMore>
+                <element name="vrd:item">
+                    <ref name="global_attrs" />
+                    <ref name="info" />
+                    <ref name="several_paras" />
+                </element>
+            </zeroOrMore>
+            <zeroOrMore>
+                <ref name="section" />
+            </zeroOrMore>
     <define name="several_paras">
                 <ref name="ul"/>
                 <ref name="programlisting"/>
                 <ref name="bad_code"/>
+                <ref name="code_blk"/>
     <define name="code_contents">
         <ref name="common_attrs" />
-        <attribute name="format">
+        <attribute name="syntax">
             <ref name="code_contents" />
+    <define name="code_blk">
+        <element name="vrd:code_blk">
+            <ref name="code_contents" />
+        </element>
+    </define>
     <define name="programlisting">
         <element name="vrd:programlisting">
             <ref name="code_contents" />
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