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Correct a broken link.

Alan Haggai Alavi changed his homepage's URL.

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-<a href="http://alanhaggai.org/">Alan Haggai Alavi</a> - Contributed many
+<a href="http://alanhieu.ml/">Alan Haggai Alavi</a> - Contributed many
 corrections to the text of the site and helped revamp the site style to
 make it fluid and stretchable.

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 Many writing errors (spelling, grammar, syntax, phrasing, etc.) have been
-corrected by <a href="http://alanhaggai.org/">Alan Haggai Alavi</a>. He
+corrected by <a href="http://alanhieu.ml/">Alan Haggai Alavi</a>. He
 seems to have a good eye for catching such problems, and I am indebted to