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 <h2 id="technologies">Technologies of Interest</h2>
-<h3 id="poe"><a href="">POE: Perl Object
-A Perl framework for reactive systems, cooperative multitasking and network
 <h3 id="ipc-run"><cpan_self_dist d="IPC-Run" /></h3>
+<h3 id="event_frameworks">Event Driven Programming Frameworks</h3>
+There are several frameworks available for event driven programming,
+cooperative multitasking and writing network applications. You can find the
+most important and most recommended ones on
+<a href="$(ROOT)/topics/cpan/">CPAN</a>. Here is a list of some of the
+most recommended ones.
+<h4 id="poe"><a href="">POE: Perl Object
+POE was one of the first event-driven programming frameworks for Perl,
+and gained some popularity in part due to lack of alternatives. Its style
+is baroque and as such it may no longer be recommended.
+<h4 id="AnyEvent"><cpan_self_dist d="AnyEvent" /></h4>
+AnyEvent is a more modern events’ framework and allows one to make use of
+extensions for other frameworks. It is also fast.
+<a href="">Asynchronous
+Programming For-the-Win!</a> - by Sawyer X. Slides for a talk with some
 <h2 id="threads">Threads?</h2>