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Added descriptions to the Perl topics.

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-* Add short descriptions (a paragraph or two) to the Perl Topics page.
 * Add Perl-Monks to more relevant pages.
 * Add screenshots to the IDEs page and other relevant pages.

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 <h3 id="cpan"><a href="cpan/">Using CPAN with Perl</a></h3>
+CPAN is the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, which contains a wealth
+of open-source and reusable source code, that can be used in your applications.
+Follow the link to learn how to effectively use CPAN.
 <h3 id="debug"><a href="debugging/">Debugging Perl Programs</h3>
+When bugs occur, learn how to find their cause and correct them effectively.
 <h3 id="oop"><a href="object-oriented/">Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Perl</h3>
+Learn about how to write classes, objects, and other concepts of
+Object-Oriented Programming in Perl.