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File src/uses/text-generation/index.html.wml

 why one should use a template system and especially Template Toolkit.
+<h3 id="Data-Report"><cpan_self_dist d="Data-Report" /></h3>
+A Perl module for preparing reports as text and some other higher-level
 <h3 id="perl6-form"><cpan_self_dist d="Perl6-Form" /></h3>
 A module for formatting fixed-width text. You should use it <b>instead</b> of
 the built-in <a href="">perlform</a>
+facility assuming you want something like that.
 <h3 id="text-table"><cpan_self_dist d="Text-Table" /></h3>

File src/uses/text-parsing/index.html.wml

+<b>JSON</b> should be parsed using <cpan_self_dist d="JSON-MaybeXS" />
+or possibly an event-based, incremental, JSON parser.
 <h2 id="advanced-parsing">Advanced Parsing Techniques</h2>