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Covered law of demeter

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         accept. They are shorter than the eqvuivalent while...continue loops.
         - $object->new() to create a new instance.
+    - Law of Demeter
         - pass items from one subroutine to another.
             - use objects.
             - assign them to slots.
-    - Law of Demeter
 * Link to Fomberg's Hebrew with Perl site.

File src/tutorials/bad-elements/index.html.wml

+<item id="law_of_demeter" h="Law of Demeter">
+See the <a href="">Wikipedia article
+about "Law of Demeter" for more information</a>. Namely, doing many nested
+method calls like 
+is not advisable, and should be avoided.
 #include "bad-elements-sources.wml"