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More conversion to the latemp way of doing things.

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File lib/latemp/themes/perl-begin-1/template.wml

 <latemp_init_h_w_navmenu object_class="HTML::Widgets::NavMenu::HeaderRole" />
 <latemp_html_header standard="xhtml1.0-strict" />
-<link rel="stylesheet" href="$(ROOT)/style.css" type="text/css" />
-use CGI qw();
-my @keys = (sort { $a cmp $b } keys(%$nav_links));
-foreach my $key (@keys)
-    my $url = $nav_links->{$key};
-    print "<link rel=\"$key\" href=\"" . CGI::escapeHTML($url) . "\" />\n"
+<latemp_html_head_tag />
 <td valign="top" class="main">
-<define-tag subject>
 #   per default we are in body

File src/about.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Perl Beginners' Site - About" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl Beginners' Site - About" />

File src/articles/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Collection of Articles" />
+<latemp_subject "Collection of Articles" />
 <h2>External Collections of Articles</h2>

File src/books/advanced/index.html.wml

 #include "../lib/books.wml"
-<subject "Advanced Books" />
+<latemp_subject "Advanced Books" />
 These books are recommended as further reading for the Perl programmer

File src/books/index.html.wml

 #include "../lib/books.wml"
-<subject "Paper Books" />
+<latemp_subject "Paper Books" />
 <li><a href="#beginners">Books for Beginners</a></li>

File src/books/topics/index.html.wml

 #include "../template.wml"
-<subject "Perl Books that cover Specific Topics" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl Books that cover Specific Topics" />
 Perl has many third-party APIs available on CPAN, many of which interface it

File src/contribute/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Contribute to the Perl Beginners' Site" />
+<latemp_subject "Contribute to the Perl Beginners' Site" />
     We feel that the Perl Beginners' Site should be a community site

File src/contribute/list/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Contributors List" />
+<latemp_subject "Contributors List" />

File src/conventions.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Coding Conventions" />
+<latemp_subject "Coding Conventions" />

File src/core-doc/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Perl Core Documentation" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl Core Documentation" />
 <h2>Online Documentation</h2>

File src/download/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "CLAN Code Downloads" />
+<latemp_subject "CLAN Code Downloads" />
 <h2 class="plain"><a href="./arcs">For Downloads Check here</a></h2>

File src/future.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "The Future Vision" />
+<latemp_subject "The Future Vision" />
 After CLAN is installed on the system it compiles a basic kernel that 

File src/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Perl Beginners' Site" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl Beginners' Site" />

File src/irc/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "IRC Channels for Perl Q&amp;A" />
+<latemp_subject "IRC Channels for Perl Q&amp;A" />
 <h2>What is the IRC?</h2>

File src/links.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "CLAN Links" />
+<latemp_subject "CLAN Links" />

File src/links/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Links" />
+<latemp_subject "Links" />
 <h2>Main Perl Resources</h2>

File src/lkmb/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "LKMB - The Linux Kernel Module Builder" />
+<latemp_subject "LKMB - The Linux Kernel Module Builder" />

File src/mailing-lists/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Mailing Lists" />
+<latemp_subject "Mailing Lists" />

File src/news/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Perl Beginners' Site - News" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl Beginners' Site - News" />
 <h2><a name="news_29_Feb_2004">29-February-2004: New Wiki</a></h2>

File src/platforms/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Perl Platforms" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl Platforms" />
 perl 5 (the most common implementation of the Perl language) was made very 

File src/platforms/mac/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Perl on Mac OS" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl on Mac OS" />
     Mac OS X, being mostly compatible with UNIX can, easily run Perl 5, as 

File src/platforms/unix/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Perl on UNIX and Linux Systems" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl on UNIX and Linux Systems" />
     If you are using a UNIX-compatible system (such as Linux or Solaris), most chances

File src/platforms/windows/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Perl on Win32" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl on Win32" />
     Perl can easily run on Windows and makes for a very powerful and free

File src/site-resources/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Site Resources" />
+<latemp_subject "Site Resources" />
 <h2><a href="">Mailing List</a></h2>

File src/site-resources/mailing-list/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Our Mailing List" />
+<latemp_subject "Our Mailing List" />
 Archives, Usage information, and settings (for people who are subscribed)

File src/site-resources/web-forum/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Our Web-Forum" />
+<latemp_subject "Our Web-Forum" />
 We have a 

File src/site-resources/wiki/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Our Wiki" />
+<latemp_subject "Our Wiki" />
 A Wiki is a site that can be freely edited by anybody using a web-browser.

File src/source/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Site's Source Code" />
+<latemp_subject "Site's Source Code" />
 This site is a static HTML site written in

File src/tutorials/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Online Tutorials" />
+<latemp_subject "Online Tutorials" />

File src/tutorials/localized/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Tutorials in Foreign Languages" />
+<latemp_subject "Tutorials in Foreign Languages" />
 <h2><a href="">French Intro to Perl</a></h2>

File src/uses/bio-info/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Perl for Bio-Informatics" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl for Bio-Informatics" />
 <h2>To be filled in.</h2>

File src/uses/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Common Uses for Perl" />
+<latemp_subject "Common Uses for Perl" />
 Perl can be used and was utilized for a variety of uses. This section will

File src/uses/qa/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Perl for Quality Assurance and Testing" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl for Quality Assurance and Testing" />
 <h2>To be filled in.</h2>

File src/uses/sys-admin/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Perl for System Administration" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl for System Administration" />
 Perl can be used to perform or automate system administration tasks

File src/uses/web/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Perl for CGI and Web Programming" />
+<latemp_subject "Perl for CGI and Web Programming" />
 Perl 5 was one of the first available technologies for automating a web-server,

File src/web-forums/index.html.wml

 #include '../template.wml'
-<subject "Web Forums" />
+<latemp_subject "Web Forums" />
 <h2><a href="">Perl Monks</a></h2>

File template.wml

 <latemp_lang "en-US" />
 <latemp_encoding "iso-8859-1" />
+<latemp_author "Shlomi Fish" />
+<latemp_common_keywords "Perl, perl, beginners, newbies, learn, web design, Berlios, system administration, Unix, unix, UNIX, Linux, Shlomi Fish" />