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                     Page</a></div><h1><a name="s">Life with
                     CPAN</a></h1></div><div class="subsection"><a
-                href=""><tt
+                href="#s2"><tt
                     class="cmd">perl</tt> Upgrade Bug</a> | <a
-                href="">Active
+                href="#s3">Active
                 FTP versus Firewalls</a> | <a
-                href="">Preferences
+                href="#s4">Preferences
                 Questions</a> | <a
-                href="">Reconfiguring
+                href="#s5">Reconfiguring
                 CPAN</a> | <a
-                href="">Usage
+                href="#s6">Usage
                 Tips</a> | <a
-                href="">Debugging
+                href="#s7">Debugging
                 Module Build Problems</a> | <a
-                href="">Using
+                href="#s8">Using
                 CPAN with a non-root account</a></div><div class="bodymain"><p
             class="info">The <a
              title="Perl Package Manager">PPM</acronym></a>, the <a
          ports</a> system, or similar package software. On <a
-         href="">Mac
+         href="macosx/">Mac
          OS X, install XCode</a>, or use on of the various package systems
      available. These offer tight integration with the system in question, but
      may include outdated modules or use different naming conventions and
             -le 'for (@INC) { $_ .= $ARGV[0]; print if -f }'
                 name="s6">Usage Tips</a></h2><div class="subsection"><a
-                href="">Invocation</a>
+                href="#s6.1">Invocation</a>
             | <a
-                href=""><tt
+                href="#s6.2"><tt
                     class="code">autobundle</tt></a> | <a
-                href="">Old
+                href="#s6.3">Old
                 Modules</a> | <a
-                href="">Mac
+                href="#s6.4">Mac
                 OS X</a> | <a
-                href="">Manual
+                href="#s6.5">Manual
                 Build</a> | <a
-                href=""><tt
+                href="#s6.6"><tt
                     class="cmd">sudo</tt></a> | <a
-                href="">Uninstalling</a>
+                href="#s6.7">Uninstalling</a>
             | <a
-                href="">Upgrading</a></div><p
+                href="#s6.8">Upgrading</a></div><p
         class="info">Once the latest version of <a
             title="Documentation on the CPAN Perl module"><tt
                 title="Documentation on the OpenGL Perl module"><tt
                     class="perl-module">OpenGL</tt></a> </li></ul><h3><a
                 name="s6.4">Mac OS X</a></h3><p class="info"><a
-            href="">Problems
+            href="macosx/">Problems
             with <acronym title="Comprehensive Perl Archive
                 Network">CPAN</acronym> on Mac OS X</a>.</p><h3><a
               name="s6.5">Manual Build</a></h3><p class="info">On occasion one
  upgrade before attempting it on a production system.</p><h2><a
          name="s7">Debugging Module Build Problems</a></h2><p class="info">See
  the <a
-     href="">Debugging
+     href="debug/">Debugging
      CPAN Build Problems</a> guide for more information.</p><h2><a
          name="s8">Using CPAN with a non-root account</a></h2><p
-     href="">Notes
+     href="non-root/">Notes
      on using CPAN with a non-root account</a>, or installing Perl modules to
  directories besides the default system areas, such as a software depot or
  under <tt class="code">$HOME</tt>. Consider also <a


 name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="TRUE"></head><body
 xmlns:xlink=""><div class="header"><div
 Page</a></div><h1><a name="s">Using CPAN with a non-root
 account</a></h1></div><div class="subsection"><a
 | <a
 <tt class="code">@INC</tt></a></div><div class="bodymain"><p class="info"><a
 title="Documentation on the CPAN Perl module"><tt
  special applications that run as non-privileged accounts: simply adjust the
  installation paths to suit the software depot in question.</p><p
  class="info">Consult <a
- href="">Life
+ href="/../">Life
  with CPAN</a> for more information about the <a
  Perl Archive Network (CPAN)</a>. Consider also <a
  class="perl-module">local::lib</tt></a> to bootsrap custom Perl module
  installation directories.</p><h2><a name="s2">Configuration</a></h2><ol
  class="enum"><li>Download the sample <a
- href=""><tt
+ href="/../"><tt
  class="file"></tt></a>, and move it to <tt
  class="file">~/.cpan/CPAN/</tt>.</li><p class="data-shell">$
  <kbd>mkdir -p ~/.cpan/CPAN</kbd><br>$ <kbd>mv
  ~/.cpan/CPAN</kbd></p><li>Customize the <a
- href=""><tt
+ href="/../"><tt
  class="file"></tt></a> file.<br>&nbsp;</li><ol
  class="enum"><li>Change all occurences of <tt class="code">HOMEDIRFIX</tt> to
  your home directory, for example <tt
  class="perl-module">CPAN</tt></a> will attempt to remove “shadowing” versions
  of the module installed for the site <tt class="cmd">perl</tt>, leading to
  error messages involving <tt class="code">forceunlink</tt>.</p><li>Test <a
- href=""><tt
+ href="/../"><tt
  class="file"></tt></a> for problems.</li><p class="data-shell">$
  <kbd>perl -c</kbd><br> syntax OK</p></ol><li>See below
  for the required <tt class="code">PERL5LIB</tt> settings to customize <tt