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             - using two-args open.
             - not using autodie or "or die".
     - Using version control.
+    - Writing automated tests.
 * Add a link to somewhere.
 * Bad elements page:
-    - Writing automated tests.
     - Packaging as a CPAN distribution.
     - Parsing XML/HTML/JSON/CSV/etc. using regular expressions.
     - Generating Invalid markup (HTML, etc.)

File src/tutorials/bad-elements/index.html.wml

+<item id="automated_tests" h="Writing Automated Tests">
+Automated tests help verify that the code is working correctly, that bugs
+are not introduced due to refactoring or the addition of new feature, and also
+provide specifications and interface documentation to the code. As a result,
+automated tests have been considered a good practise for a long time.
+For more information about how to write automated tests, see
+<a href="$(ROOT)/uses/qa/">our page about quality assurance in
 #include "bad-elements-sources.wml"