perl-begin / Makefile

Diff from to
 rebuild_p4n: update_p4n all
-iperl_extra_data: dest/tutorials/impatient-perl/iperl.html
+IMPATIENT_PERL_FILES = $(patsubst %,dest/tutorials/impatient-perl/%,iperl.html $(patsubst %,iperl_files/%,iperl_html_m2efc85d6.jpg iperl_html_m5238e28d.jpg))
-dest/tutorials/impatient-perl/iperl.html: lib/tutorials/impatient-perl/iperl.htm
+iperl_extra_data: $(IMPATIENT_PERL_FILES)
+$(IMPATIENT_PERL_FILES): dest/tutorials/impatient-perl/%: lib/tutorials/impatient-perl/%
 	cp -f $< $@
 # .PHONY: 
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